Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh, how I love date night

Raul and I go out a lot but most of the time its with friends or family (which we obviously love) so about 3 months ago I thought it'd be nice if at least once a month, we go out just the two of us. Each month we alternate turns and we have to plan the day all by ourselves and kind of "surprise" one another. It's a great opportunity to zone out, treat ourselves and spend alone time together.

Usually we do something low-key but this month it was my turn and I wanted to take my lover somewhere nice. I'd been dying to try out Michy's and though it had been raining literally all day, I was not going to let that (or the thought of my freshly blow dried hair getting frizzy) ruin our night. The rain definately made the evening more romantic because we had the outside terrace all to ourselves.

[not pictured: serrano ham & bleu cheese croquetas with fig jam appetizer. The fig jam did make them slightly more interesting but I've had better croquetas at gas stations!]

[top right: my meal, fettuccine carbonara. creamy and perfectly al dente.]

[bottom left: Sirs meal, Short Ribs Falling Off The Bone (yes, that's the name and it was certainly falling off the bone). The moroccan carrots were divine and I'm not that huge a fan of carrots.]

[bottom right: Baked Alaska w/ dulce de leche ice cream]

Verdict: Everything is cooked perfectly but the portions are really small and slightly overpriced. If I go back it's definately for the delicious short ribs.

Mojito with champagne & passionfruit. I love fizzy drinks.

After dinner we went to the theatre to see UP in 3D but it was sold out. Whomp whomp. We did see the Wolverine origins movie though and it was great. Can't wait for next months date.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Dominican mothers out there!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adventures In Babysitting & Miami's Best Pizza

Jaell's boytoy, Roger, was taking care of some business so Sirs & I adopted her for the night. I was in the mood for pizza and Raul was curious about Miami's Best.

I wore my "nerd" glasses and I think Raul & Jaell liked them more than I do.

No sneakers! I love these shoes.

To me the tomato sauce makes the pizza. & this was good.

All I wanted was a crepe filled with warm, gooey, nutella, caramel and bananas but I had to settle for mint chocolate chip ice cream. Mint and chocolate goes perfectly together. You better recognize.

Roger, we took good care of your lady and even left her at her door. I promise next time we'll try to give her a healthier dinner.

[For the Mrs. Boots & Sirs babysitting agency please contact Mrs. Boots. We are free of charge as long as we are being entertained. If we decide you are not entertaining, you will need to buy us dessert and we'll call it even.]

Friday, May 29, 2009

Boredom leads to online window shopping

And in my case, very often clicking on "checkout" and "confirm this order".
That's right, friends. I am a new woman. I bought sneakers. I repeat, I BOUGHT SNEAKERS.
Don't worry, they were only $30 and I do actually need them.

20 lbs in a month? I just need 10! I've heard good things about this workout program. Bring it, bizaaatch.

I was going back and forth between a Holga and a Diana and after much research, I decided on the Diana. I spent 2 hours just trying to get the flash to work but I'm so excited to use it!
Hopefully I don't break it within a month. I break ALL electronics! My beautiful boyfriend is so patient and never gets upset...even after I broke two cameras and a laptop in 2 years...AND a closet door and about 3 glass cups. I guess its not just electronics.

He just laughs. I love him.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Memories Of Marjorie & Joe

Came across this this incredibly sweet story of a moment a photographer in New Orleans captured. Please read it!

Makes you wonder what kind of memories they were reliving and what kind of relationship they had in the past, eh?
& I love that she's wearing a sun hat indoors!

[amy, i know you'll love this. just dont cry, ok?]

[p.s. i am currently performing a reverse rain dance in my living room. what is up with all this rain!!]

Geek is the new Chic

Haven't you heard!
Yes, I realize that this is a hilarious looking picture. It was a test shot for this photo session in which I "assisted". Ha.

Get your nerd on here.

[photo taken by A. Anaiz.]

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I was finally able to use my mixer this week. It saved me so much trouble making this Sprinkles cupcake mix.

Sprinkles Bakery is located and well known in the West but the mix is available at Williams Sonoma and the Sprinkles website.

Emma got me the lemon mix because I (obviously) love cupcakes and because I love anything tart! I must admit, Emma, it did not beat our beloved Buttercream. It was fun making them though and I saved a few for you so come by.

[does anyone else find themselves singing the chorus to green days "know your enemy" over and over again?"]

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We all wore dark colors to make the New Yorker feel at home

Okay, so it was a coincedance.

Hope you had a nice stay in "sunny" Miami, Luis!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Graduation & Brunch @ Miami Beach

@ Miami Beach Convention Center waiting to line up with Nelson and Viki

Very very long commencement ceremony. I did not cry. I maybe got teary eyed. It's the National Anthem. It does it to me everytime. I know, I'm so darn patriotic. o_O

My love and my "bff" Emmita

My ladies, Jaell & Emma and Sirs

My lovely mother and Jaell

A certain someone told me everyone loves details, no?

Having my little Munch there made everything so much better!

Brunch at Icebox Cafe - So good. You must go asap. On Michigan and 16th near Lincoln Rd.

[left] Guava & Cream Cheese French Toast [right] Piña Colada Pancake. Holy decadence!

Raul bought this gigantic SUV. So not him as he usually goes for speed but we love it. I especially love that it has a dvd player in the back with wireless headphones so that I could watch my Sex And The City and Juno without having him complain. Oh, and its automatic. I can finally drive one of his cars!

Thank you to everyone who came and cheered me on. I appreciate everyone (including those who were not able to attend!) and all of your support and encouragement more than you know.
Congrats again c/o 2009!

[If you click on the actual picture you should be able to see it full size. Some don't work. Still trying to work on that!]

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oh, wait...I forgot #11

11. Stay away from these monsters long enough to actually lose 10 lbs.

I love you vanilla & guava cupcakes. You complete me.

Lunch with one of my favorite couples

Jaell, Roger and I went to Mariposa which is located inside Neiman Marcus in Village of Merrick Park. The decor consists of lime green with brown and white zebra prints. Really makes me want to re-decorate one of our bathrooms. Speaking of bathrooms, our lunch was great. Jaell doesn't care for roasted tomatoes but I thought it was perfect-o.

They also bought me the CUTEST necklace with a little cupcake charm as a graduation gift. Isn't it so cute! Yes, yes, it is.
Thanks guys! I'm wearing it right now.
I heart it and I heart you (for realz).



Plans in no specific order:
  1. lose 10 more lbs
  2. bake these, buy this and possibly these babies.
  3. finish painting and decorating our bedroom! (so its been over a year and I still have paint swatches on my wall. so what.)
  4. drink more water (maybe it'll help with the headaches)
  5. watch Wicked in NYC
  6. speaking of NYC, I'm very excited for NYC Prep premiering in June! I should be embarrased, but I'm not!
  7. travel to the motherland with my love and his family
  8. have dinner parties
  9. sleep sleep sleep
  10. tan tan tan

Come on out summer, I'm ready.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodbye JWU! Goodbye bags under my eyes!

I am officially done with Johnson & Wales! Yesterday was my last day of school and though my last day was hell (we had to very very thourougly clean every inch of the huge kitchen), it was a little bittersweet saying goodbye to everyone.
To complete our AS, we have to participate in a co-op for 2 and a 1/2 months and during that time I grew really close to a lot of the faculty and students there. I have nothing but fun memories of my time at JWU but I'm also excited to start my next term at Florida International University. Haiyooooooooo!

To my fellow Mix-ers, I'll miss you terribly but I won't miss waking up at 4am! Goodluck to all of you!

Oh, and as a little prank, we "saran-wrapped" some of the chefs cars. As we were doing it the director of the school walked by and we all froze in horror but he just gave us a confused look and went along his way.
All in good fun! Hilarious.

Congratulations Class of 09. See you all on Sunday!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm a lucky lucky girl

[one of my favorite pictures of us. taken in orlando two months after we started dating.]

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dawn + Marcos

On Sunday we went to the wedding of Dawn and Marcos (Rauls friend and former roommate). Marcos has an amazing voice and instead of saying his vows to his bride, he sang to her. Beautiful. Thank you for inviting us and we wish you many many years of happiness!

[to those concerned parties: though raul & i love each other very much, we are not quite ready for marriage yet but we appreciate the constant pressure...]

[don't worry we will let you know when we're there. kbye.]

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cuisine à Latina

As some (most) of you know, I go to Johnson & Wales for Culinary Arts. As students, we get awesome opportunities to work and meet with accomplished chefs from all over the world.

Last week, Michelle Bernstein, graduate of J & W and owner of Michy's (she's also been all over Food Network & Top Chef) was there signing copies of her new cookbook, Cuisine à Latina. I was all over it. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera. Poo!
She was really friendly and "super" tiny. I got a little starstruck which I felt really stupid about but I made sure no one noticed.
The recipes look delish. I'm looking forward to making her infamous bread pudding.
Come over...I'll cook for you! :)