Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adventures In Babysitting & Miami's Best Pizza

Jaell's boytoy, Roger, was taking care of some business so Sirs & I adopted her for the night. I was in the mood for pizza and Raul was curious about Miami's Best.

I wore my "nerd" glasses and I think Raul & Jaell liked them more than I do.

No sneakers! I love these shoes.

To me the tomato sauce makes the pizza. & this was good.

All I wanted was a crepe filled with warm, gooey, nutella, caramel and bananas but I had to settle for mint chocolate chip ice cream. Mint and chocolate goes perfectly together. You better recognize.

Roger, we took good care of your lady and even left her at her door. I promise next time we'll try to give her a healthier dinner.

[For the Mrs. Boots & Sirs babysitting agency please contact Mrs. Boots. We are free of charge as long as we are being entertained. If we decide you are not entertaining, you will need to buy us dessert and we'll call it even.]