Monday, May 25, 2009

Graduation & Brunch @ Miami Beach

@ Miami Beach Convention Center waiting to line up with Nelson and Viki

Very very long commencement ceremony. I did not cry. I maybe got teary eyed. It's the National Anthem. It does it to me everytime. I know, I'm so darn patriotic. o_O

My love and my "bff" Emmita

My ladies, Jaell & Emma and Sirs

My lovely mother and Jaell

A certain someone told me everyone loves details, no?

Having my little Munch there made everything so much better!

Brunch at Icebox Cafe - So good. You must go asap. On Michigan and 16th near Lincoln Rd.

[left] Guava & Cream Cheese French Toast [right] Piña Colada Pancake. Holy decadence!

Raul bought this gigantic SUV. So not him as he usually goes for speed but we love it. I especially love that it has a dvd player in the back with wireless headphones so that I could watch my Sex And The City and Juno without having him complain. Oh, and its automatic. I can finally drive one of his cars!

Thank you to everyone who came and cheered me on. I appreciate everyone (including those who were not able to attend!) and all of your support and encouragement more than you know.
Congrats again c/o 2009!

[If you click on the actual picture you should be able to see it full size. Some don't work. Still trying to work on that!]