Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh, how I love date night

Raul and I go out a lot but most of the time its with friends or family (which we obviously love) so about 3 months ago I thought it'd be nice if at least once a month, we go out just the two of us. Each month we alternate turns and we have to plan the day all by ourselves and kind of "surprise" one another. It's a great opportunity to zone out, treat ourselves and spend alone time together.

Usually we do something low-key but this month it was my turn and I wanted to take my lover somewhere nice. I'd been dying to try out Michy's and though it had been raining literally all day, I was not going to let that (or the thought of my freshly blow dried hair getting frizzy) ruin our night. The rain definately made the evening more romantic because we had the outside terrace all to ourselves.

[not pictured: serrano ham & bleu cheese croquetas with fig jam appetizer. The fig jam did make them slightly more interesting but I've had better croquetas at gas stations!]

[top right: my meal, fettuccine carbonara. creamy and perfectly al dente.]

[bottom left: Sirs meal, Short Ribs Falling Off The Bone (yes, that's the name and it was certainly falling off the bone). The moroccan carrots were divine and I'm not that huge a fan of carrots.]

[bottom right: Baked Alaska w/ dulce de leche ice cream]

Verdict: Everything is cooked perfectly but the portions are really small and slightly overpriced. If I go back it's definately for the delicious short ribs.

Mojito with champagne & passionfruit. I love fizzy drinks.

After dinner we went to the theatre to see UP in 3D but it was sold out. Whomp whomp. We did see the Wolverine origins movie though and it was great. Can't wait for next months date.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Dominican mothers out there!