Wednesday, June 10, 2009

15 days - Cannot wait until the real thing

but I must say, this was pretty damn good & authentic.

La Tambora Restaurant on US1 - "Tan Dominicano como el merengue". Hehehahahoho.

The place is a little errrr, "uncouth" but the food was awesome.
[Chicharron de pollo con mofongo]

[Lo 3 Golpe]
I could happily eat this everyday of my life.

& what Dominican meal is complete without lefleco lojo? Well, all of them but psh, whatever. I prefer the merengue flavor.

Cheap, good & best part is they're open 'til like 3am. Late night grub spot!

To all my non-Dominican frangs, do yourselves a favor and have some mangu. I know it looks unattractive but trust.