Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthday Wishes

My birthday is a whole two months away but I thought "Perfect! They'll have time to save!". If anyone ever asks me what I want for either my birthday or Christmas, I usually am too "shy" to answer. I mean, isn't it kinda rude to tell people what you want (Raul, you are excluded from this as I obviously have no shame)? Isn't it the thought that counts?

Well, yeah it is but lets be honest. You'll probably get me something and...I probably won't like it and I'll keep it in my closet for years in case you ask me about it I can lie and say "Oh, yeah, I use it all the time! Look here it is!" until a few years pass and I'm convinced you've forgotten about it and I can toss it in a Goodwill bin. Phew.

So here goes ladies & gents.

The birthday wishlist.

So me. I mean, the diamond is even ON New York City. Don't worry, I like the silver one from Maya Brenner

This beautiful lace peasant dress I would wear everyday!

Cupcake print from TheLobsterPots Shop

Manhattan Print from Ork Posters!

How awesome is this ghost chair replica! My dirty laundry would look much better strewn over this chair instead of on the floor.

A combination of guava, red velvet and vanilla chocolate Buttercream cupcakes with some champagne to wash it down!

Well, it was either this or a post about us doing a whole lot of cleaning, packing and eating hot dogs for lunch and dinner.