Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mamajuana Cafe aka my new favorite restaurant

Our friend Ana Carolina is moving to Dominican Republic so we had a little going away dinner for her.

We went to Mamajuana Cafe in Coral Gables. Usually I wait a few days to blog but I couldn't wait to tell you how uh-mazing this place is.

This is exactly what Miami needed, an upscale Dominican restaurant that serves good food and great ambience. The location doesn't hurt either!

The restaurant is a big open space with dark woods, decorated with beautiful chandeliers and Dominican artwork.
Check out the drink menu! Love it!

Sirs with his sancocho and morir soƱando. What's the saying? You can take the kid out of the campo but you can't take the campo out of the kid? Jaykay, jaykay.

I had their signature Mamajuana Mojito infused with tamarindo and coconut & platano encrusted shrimp with mamajuana apricot glaze. Yes, yum.

Oh and they also have "Dominican Sushi" (not as many raw ingredients) with appropriate names like Boca Chica, Inwood, Heights (Haiyooo) and Campesino which is crispy salami, crispy white cheese, avocado & sweet plantain. I had to refrain myself from ordering that muiltiple times.

They even had a live band playing AWESOME remakes of recent hits like Rihannas Umbrella & Gnarls Barkleys Crazy.

Had a great time. Way to end a Monday!

Good luck Ana and hope to see you when we go on vacation in

4 days!