Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rainy Friday Night

So much for a drive-in movie!

These pictures taken from our balcony don't do the rain any justice. It was pouring. & thundering. & lightning.

Hurricane season officially started Monday and this rain has been non-stop. We've lost power about 3 times this week alone. Not happy about this. [I hate having to re-set all my clocks.]

To cheer us up a bit...we ordered Cozzoli's.

Sirs tipped the delivery guy 35% for having to tackle the rain.

What a sweet dude.

This is our pet monster, Domo. Here he is standing guard at the refrigerator after a lizard hid under there. [lizards are to Florida what roaches are to New York except that they visit less frequently and they're much easier to get rid of]. I told Domo not to kill it once it came out but to escort it kindly to the door.

After all that action & a long day at work, Sirs fell asleep and I snuck out with a friend to get some sweets.

Rain...please, end your life. - Mrs. Boots