Friday, June 5, 2009

she. he. us.

- 25 years old
- born in miami, moved to nj, moved back to miami...hates it
- dreams of living in manhattan or san francsico or anywhere but florida
- wants to own and wanted to own a "cupcakery" even before they were cool. Toot toot.
- called him first
- takes pictures of everything (for future children)
- MAJOR sweet tooth
- late to everything
- tucks him in at night when she has insomnia

- 25 years old
- born in dominican republic, moved to miami @ 12 years old
- odd sense of humor
- obsessed with cars
- loves kids
- has a sexy beard [please refer to picture above]
- cutest smile ever [please refer to picture above]
- hates being late
- tucks her in in the morning when he leaves to work

- slightly toned down version of doug & carrie from king of queens
- love key lime pie
- love planet earth on discovery channel
- talk in "code" at wouldn't understand
- often dance to no music at home
- dance to every commercial with music
- can't sleep without the fan on
- always kiss each other twice. once is "bad luck".

Happy Friday!

[we might go to a drive-in movie tonight! so excited!!]