Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thunderbird Drive-In

On Friday night we headed to Fort Lauderdale to check out a drive-in movie theatre I never knew existed. Apparently, its been there since the 1960's but its been masquerading as a Swap Shop (Flea Market) by day.

I heard it was a little "ghetto" but I didn't think so at all. You pull in to your desired parking area, put your windows up, tune into the station playing your movie and sit back and pretend you're living a scene out of Grease or Happy Days. Except that there was no getting to 1st base in the backseat.

The best part?
You can bring your own snacks and I wore my house slippers and no one knew.
On the way back home we ran into a buttload of traffic after they closed off the palmetto and Sirs was a little upset.

I'd definately take the hour trip to the drive-in again. Ya know, something different.

Thunderbird Drive-in Theatre]