Friday, July 17, 2009

Apparently I have no idea what I'm doing

So I went to take two of my Diana film rolls to get developed
One color
One black & white

The color one...I accidentally bought slide film instead of regular film and half of them were screwed up because I had trouble winding it in and had to take the cover off at the beach of all places. SUN!

Only 3 colored photos came out of the 16 I took and the employee at Hot Shots said they "weren't worth printing". Uhhh, thanks!

The black & white one was a bit more "successful". If you'd even call these photos below successful Diana shots. I don't think I would.

photo of me by Sirs

double exposure of Baby Matty by me

photo of downtown Miami by me

Photo of Boca Chica by me

Self-portrait. Ha.

First shot I took with the Diana. Ironically enough, its the clearest photo.

I'm hoping with more practice I'll become better at this because this was a huge disappointment.

If you have any idea what I'm doing wrong, please let me know!

Anywho, I'm finally going to see Harry Potter tomorrow. Can't wait.
Have a great weekend!