Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Engagement Chicken

I came across this recipe for
engagement chicken and thought it was funny & interesting.

So the background story is that Glamour magazine printed a recipe for roasted chicken that will inspire your boyfriend to propose to you. Apparently, 3 Glamour employees tried it and they were engaged soon after. Something about serving a "family" style meal made these guys think about marriage and proposing.

Well, turns out I made this engagement chicken several months ago without even knowing it. I must say, Boyfriend was impressed when I presented it the first time.

While at the supermarket earlier this week, I figured I'd make a whole chicken again for him & sure enough when he saw it he said "You bought a whole chicken? When are you gonna make it?!" When I told him I'd be making it the next day he seemed happy about it.

I'm kind of crazy anal (that sounds horrible) about things and forgot what temperature to cook the chicken at so that the skin would get crispy and golden so I yahoo'ed it (Yes, I yahoo. I don't google and refuse to.) and that's when
this recipe came up.

I thought it'd be funny to study Rauls reaction to the engagement chicken...

Poor guy didn't suspect a thing but I couldn't hold it in anymore. I was cracking up and finally told him the story.

Afterwards, he got on one knee and proposed,

"Will you marry the future?"

My response was "HAIYOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

& that's us.

I love us.
& don't worry, he loves us back.