Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm loving all the "when he was younger" stories

My two favorite stories are:

When he was 6 years old, his mother had a really fancy schmancy work party to go to so she dressed Raul up in his finest and told him to behave and not embarrass her. At the party there were kids playing in the yard and she left him there and went to socialize with co-workers. There were waitresses carrying sodas (lefleco lojo) on trays around for the kids. Later, Raul's mom hears Raul repeatedly screaming "MAMIIIII!!!" at the top of his lungs from across the yard. She pretended not to hear him and he kept on screaming. Finally fed up Raul screams (still from across the yard) "MAMI, VEN QUE LO REFRESCO SON GRATIS! YA LLEVO TRE!" ("MAMI, COME QUICK! THE SODAS ARE FREE! I'VE ALREADY HAD THREE OF THEM!). Raul's mom said she wanted the Earth to swallow her up. You have to hear her tell it. It's hilarious.

& his grandfather who was a General in Santo Domingo took him to meet one of the presidential candidates, Jacobo Magluta. His grandfather presented him all proud, like this is my grandson, Raul. Raul (bless his little heart) looks up at him with a smile and says "JACOBO...BOCAGUA!". It's kind of like saying "Waddup fool!".

Like something out of a movie.

& this is why we get along so well.