Sunday, July 12, 2009

We're back

& we're not very happy about it. Especially me.

I'm trying to make myself feel better by stuffing myself with sweets from DR.

We even bought the soap we used there so we'd be reminded of our trip everytime we use it. TMI? Kinda psycho? Whatever.

I'm in the worse mood ever. I know it's really selfish after being on vacation for two weeks but I just hate coming home to voicemail (I HATE voicemail), family drama, and deadlines.

Good news is, I only gained 3.5 lbs.

& to turn my shitty mood around I figured I'd give some thanks.

A big hug & thank you
to -

Rauls grandmothers, Blanquita & "Nen" for making me feel so loved & welcome in your homes and telling your grandson to marry me

Rauls aunt, Claudia for being so attentive to us and taking us to all the hotspots

Brian (& Queenie) for being our chauffeur and beach buddy

Jeanette, Michelle and Carlos for taking time out of your busy schedules to spend time with us and take us out

Hanni for making us mangu and pure de yuca every morning

Chinola, for being so delicious

That chimi spot with the pineapple hamburgers for satisfying my late night cravings

Barra Payan for your mango milkshakes

Sirs for being Sirs

Miguelina & Noelia for being the funnest & funniest "in laws" everrrr.

Okay, so that didn't really make me feel better but theres plenty more dulce de leche left.