Monday, August 31, 2009

Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom

bday cards with boogers on them. candles. orange bday cupcakes from walgreens. dressing like minnie on purpose. dennys sampler. bums. lots of sunshine. park hopper tickets. buttons. heat. free ice cream. mouse ears. standing in front of souveneir shops to get some ac. participating in the indiana jones show. not getting dizzy on the tower of terror even though i didnt take dramamine. ny. san francisco. walking back & forth...& back & forth. fire. car show. aerosmith. trolls. the running man. balloons. hungry. thanksgiving feast buffet. almost missing the fireworks (again). teacups. rides being open only for disney hotel guests. candy. tram. exhaustion.

Big thank you to Rinel, Shamsa, Suleyka & Boots for spending the (hottest) day with me.

Birthday Polaroids

Have I mentioned I'm in love with my polaroid camera and how I think everyone should have one?

It's the coolest toy I own.

Here are the few polaroids I took this weekend while in Orlando. The quality is way better but once I scan them they get that weird ghostly line across the middle.

More birthday pictures to come later!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

1 Year Older...

& all the wiser. Mhm!

Pictures from my 1st birthday.

Please do not be jealous of my natural blond hair & ALL the curves I was blessed with.


p.s. i will never have my kids wearing gold chains & bracelets. WHAT were my parents thinking!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"I am yours, I am yours, for as long, for as long as you will have me"

The Bird and The Bee - Love Letter to Japan

My new favorite song. So quirky. I've listened to it 4 times in a row.


I can't sleep. I don't think I'm human.

Birthday Weekend

Going to "the happiest place on Earth" this weekend.

No, no, unfortunately not New York - That would be my happy place. No quotation marks needed. But it'll be great getting out of Miami for a couple of days.

See you on Monday!

"Shout out" to all my complex virgos! Hope you all had/will have a fabulous birthday!

[photo not mine. totally "borrowed" it from someones flickr acct. don't remember whose. sorry!]

Dinner with a Bat

Angeliki, lovingly known to me as "Bat", was kind enough to treat me to an early birthday dinner at Perricone's in Mary Brickell Village. So sweet.

Here come the pictures of food cause I love em so.

Baked Brie en Croute. SO good.

Angie - Crab Crusted Chilean Sea Bass

Minez - Pistachio Crusted Rack of Lamb

She's so romantic

We had a fun evening filled with interesting and funny stories including: Angie's theory on iPhones (Only Venezuelans & people from Doral should own one - if you mean business, own a Blackberry), Monster Truck shows & running away from the police.

Thanks again for everything, Bat!

In case you're wondering, the Bat nickname is an inside joke. One that I cannot tell because it is politically incorrect much like ourselves.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy 25th Birthday, Liberian Girl!

Tonight we went to Sushi Maki for a low-key birthday dinner for Jaells birthday.

I brought my own birthday candles that were supposed to be sparklers but sadly enough, did not sparkle and Roger sang her his own wack rendition of "Happy Birthday". It's the thought that counts.

Anywho, here's Jaell teaching ALL THE FUN you can have with chopsticks.



Fu Manchu



We didn't make these names up. They were on the back of the packet of chopsticks. C'mon, we're like waaaay wittier.

It's passed midnight but a Happy Birthday post would have been up on time had I not been lazy and gone to Publix and "built" you that red velvet cake like I had planned.

Again, its the thought that counts. Do forgive me.

In the meantime, please accept this birthday haiku I made up just for you:

Happy Birthday Slut
thanks for being such a bitch
I like you that way

See? Totally witty.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have Gypsy Feet!

Me and my favorite shoes are at it again over at Gypsy Feet.

Pay them a visit here.

p.s. they're nine west and i found them at the most random shoe store in Dominican Republic in the sale section. Last size. NEVER happens. HAD TO HAVE THEM. The end.

NYC Dianas

These are much better than my previous attempt. & although a lot of them still didn't come out, I think I know what I'm doing wrong. Errr...

The double exposures are on purpose FYI & that first one is kinda creepy looking.

Most pictures are of Central Park & random streets near Times Square.

I like cabs.