Monday, August 3, 2009

Anthonys Coal Fired - Food obsession of the Month #1

Seriously so good & addicting.
I went two nights in a row.

There are little "warning" signs all over the restaurant letting you know that the pizza is "well done" which may mean burnt to some but I didn't think it tasted burnt at all.

Maybe I'm easy to please but lately everything I've eaten has been heavenly. You know, like when you take a bite of something, close your eyes and do the "mmm, mmm, mmm" dance. Yeah, just like that.

Raul said I "play out" places to eat. Well, what the hell is wrong with that?!

Whatever. Go there. Preferrably the one in Doral because the seating is way better than the one on US1.

Click here & you won't be sorry --> Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza
[credit goes to the "mother in law" for the hint to try this out!]