Monday, August 31, 2009

Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom

bday cards with boogers on them. candles. orange bday cupcakes from walgreens. dressing like minnie on purpose. dennys sampler. bums. lots of sunshine. park hopper tickets. buttons. heat. free ice cream. mouse ears. standing in front of souveneir shops to get some ac. participating in the indiana jones show. not getting dizzy on the tower of terror even though i didnt take dramamine. ny. san francisco. walking back & forth...& back & forth. fire. car show. aerosmith. trolls. the running man. balloons. hungry. thanksgiving feast buffet. almost missing the fireworks (again). teacups. rides being open only for disney hotel guests. candy. tram. exhaustion.

Big thank you to Rinel, Shamsa, Suleyka & Boots for spending the (hottest) day with me.