Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Angelita!

Because of you:

I always wear my seatbelt and feel naked without it

I have fat arms but at least I have a perky butt and I don't have chicken legs (thanks)

I have an intense obsession with holidays and my christmas trees are awesome!

I have a weird sense of humor

I throw everything away because you do quite the opposite

soy alta, esberta y elegante (inside joke)

I smile to myself whenever I hear a Faith Hill song and want to cry (and laugh) when I hear "It Must Have Been Love" thinking of you singing your heart out even though you don't speak English and have no idea what they're saying

I'm able to focus on school (thankyoux's"infinity")

I always look through the peephole before opening the door

I am so very proud of being Dominican and being able to dance merengue con swiiing

I look forward to our Saturday morning outings

I have someone to confide in always

Happy Birthday to my bestest most loyal friend, Angela better known as Mom!

Happy Birthday to Roger as well! See you this weekend!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Must not eat cake. Must not eat cake.

It's the end of day 2 of my sugar ban.

I'm not suicidal yet (give this girl an oscar!) but waking up this morning to find a huge chunk of Dominican cake on the kitchen table was a huge test.
Tempting, but I didn't eat it.

But really, people can be so cruel! I had to immediately throw it in the microwave and pretend it didn't exist.

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm a ballerina

This is nothing new. For as long as I could remember while my mom cooked I'd be in the kitchen leaping and plieing and making a fool of myself. She'd just ignore me. Only difference is that now its Raul that ignores me.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Empire State of Mind

I will never ever say that again but it was so appropriate for the picture, si?

Just wanted to say it's official - I will be enjoying autumn in New York.

Don't worry, I won't countdown or anything. Just know its at the end of October and I can't wait to eat a huge pastrami sandwich at Katz.

Be jealous.

Friday, September 25, 2009

"You have a picture of yourself kissing a cupcake. How greedy is that?!"

Someone told me the above quote about myself and I thought it was hilarious & so true!

It's "me". Everyone knows me for having an immense sweet tooth and being able to inhale 3 cupcakes in a row. It's "cute" & supposedly I don't gain weight. Well, it's not cute at all and I definately do gain weight.

I have zero willpower for sweets so in my new quest to have absolutely no sugar for the next two months (including soda - my new disgusting habit) I made these strawberry cupcakes. Consider it my last hurrah!

I must say, they were quite delicious even when they're slammed down your throat.

Yeah, about that last hurrah...the "diet" begins Monday 'cause I still have the ingredients for smores and brookies that will be consumed this weekend. Hey, I'm no dummy.

Wish me luck...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday Night Dinner Party

Boots & I had homemade pizza and gave our guest (we did not both dress like lumberjacks on purpose) leftover lasagna.
Told you I was a good friend!

We had a little food fight after dinner but the pictures that were taken didn't really do it justice. Let's just say I had frosting up my nose and cupcake crumbs stuck in my throat for hours.

Side note: I'm trying to stay up to win something on ebay & I'm watching Real Housewives of Atlanta. Did anyone else hear Lisa say "twat"? Out of control.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stage EightyFour

Took a little drive out to Davie last weekend to attend the grand opening of Stage 84.

Its part lounge, part bar, part hanging out in someones living room. It has a really friendly, neighborhood vibe and you get the sense that everyone knows one another.

They often host open mic nights, CD release parties and rock band nights amongst other events.

Great place to relax and support the local artists.

& boyfriend loved the decor.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spontaneous Saturday & the best risotto I've ever had

One lonely Saturday night found these three old friends bored...and hungry. In half an hour we were out the door and on the way to the Villagio inside Village of Merrick Park.

The risotto. Seriously, the BEST (shrimpgoatcheesespinachincaseyoucare).
So best in fact that it didn't even want to be photographed. Could not be bothered, really.

Round of drinks afterwards at
Yard House. Strong and frosty martinis. Great atmosphere.

I miss New Jersey in the fall

Happy first day of fall!

Us South Floridians are definately feeling the change of season. Oh yes.

This afternoon its only 88°. Click on the picture. Yeah, it "feels like" 95°.

Can't you just feel the crisp breeze?

Monday, September 21, 2009


as to what the hell a swan was doing in our lake yesterday afternoon. In Cutler Ridge. Swans don't belong in Cutler Ridge.

I assume he made a wrong turn somewhere on Old Cutler on the way home to the Gables.

I hope you find your way back soon.

[Sorry for the crappy quality. These were taken from the balcony. I'z lazy.]

Mrs. Boots Barra Payan

Remember those salami & cheese sandwiches and mango milkshakes I loved so much from Barra Payan in Dominican Republic?

Well, I made my own. Don't laugh! It was just as good!

haters gonna hate Pictures, Images and Photos

You tell 'em little man.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pardon my negligance but I haven't been feeling very neighborly


I'm adjusting to my new school schedule. Yes, I'm 26 and I'm still in school. Judge me.

Someone hit my car today at the supermarket and just left. Scratches & dents galore.

I'm feeling a bit uninspired. And I don't like it!

And dammit because I'm a girl and I get grouchy for no reason.

I've even turned down lovers attempts to cheer me up by driving me to get cupcakes. Like three times! Craaaazy.

Tomorrow is my Friday though so I'm hoping some rest and my weekend plans will put some pep in my step.

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Porque en Guayaquil, Honduras..."

Boots & I along with Ana and my sidekick, Liberian Girl, went to a very late dinner Friday night to see Ana before she left back home to Dominican Republic.

I suggested Cheesecake Factory mainly because I had an intense craving for their pot stickers. Liberian Girl and I shared the red velvet cheesecake. We're big fans of red velvet and it looked promising but it kinda tasted like refrigerator. Don't you hate when that happens!?

Laughs were had anyway especially because of our heterosexual waiter hitting on my boyfriend. Awkward...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Heavy Heart

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love things that are "so me"

Gotta love personalized gift packaging. I don't know about those thick ass eyebrows but the schnoz and smirk are dead on. If you click on the picture you'll see it even has a little caption that says "Go away!". So me!

In case you're wondering what was in there ^^^

A poster I plan on hanging up to help me remember my priorities. Thanks Jaell!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Went to Houstons last night with the family for a belated birthday dinner after initially going to Mamajuanas. Turns out they're closed on Sundays. All the better 'cause I've had a craving for one of Houstons baked potatoes for weeks.

It was one of those beautiful Miami nights. The ones that remind me that I should really get out and enjoy Miami's nightlife more often.

This weekend

  • Boots brought me irises and a kitkat
  • we got a visit from Emma & Matt
  • we finally tried that mediterranean restaurant near Sunset Place called Marhaba & sadly, I was disappointed
  • they played two Aaliyah songs back to back on the radio and I remembered how awesome she was
  • Boots & I went to see an apartment thats for sale near Coral Gables & though I kinda really liked it, I still have mixed feelings about moving
  • I had a lovely late birthday lunch with Rauls mom @ California Pizza Kitchen
  • I had a fabulous late birthday dinner with my mom @ Houstons
  • I went to school to finalize my (shittyshittyshitty) schedule
  • tried the Paul & Young Ron pizza @ Anthonys Coal Fired. So good.
  • I realized I need to start going to the gym again
  • I bought more polaroid film. Yay!

& right now Raul is on searching for lofts in Manhattan and I'm secretly wishing death upon him for teasing me.