Monday, September 7, 2009

This weekend

  • Boots brought me irises and a kitkat
  • we got a visit from Emma & Matt
  • we finally tried that mediterranean restaurant near Sunset Place called Marhaba & sadly, I was disappointed
  • they played two Aaliyah songs back to back on the radio and I remembered how awesome she was
  • Boots & I went to see an apartment thats for sale near Coral Gables & though I kinda really liked it, I still have mixed feelings about moving
  • I had a lovely late birthday lunch with Rauls mom @ California Pizza Kitchen
  • I had a fabulous late birthday dinner with my mom @ Houstons
  • I went to school to finalize my (shittyshittyshitty) schedule
  • tried the Paul & Young Ron pizza @ Anthonys Coal Fired. So good.
  • I realized I need to start going to the gym again
  • I bought more polaroid film. Yay!

& right now Raul is on searching for lofts in Manhattan and I'm secretly wishing death upon him for teasing me.