Friday, September 25, 2009

"You have a picture of yourself kissing a cupcake. How greedy is that?!"

Someone told me the above quote about myself and I thought it was hilarious & so true!

It's "me". Everyone knows me for having an immense sweet tooth and being able to inhale 3 cupcakes in a row. It's "cute" & supposedly I don't gain weight. Well, it's not cute at all and I definately do gain weight.

I have zero willpower for sweets so in my new quest to have absolutely no sugar for the next two months (including soda - my new disgusting habit) I made these strawberry cupcakes. Consider it my last hurrah!

I must say, they were quite delicious even when they're slammed down your throat.

Yeah, about that last hurrah...the "diet" begins Monday 'cause I still have the ingredients for smores and brookies that will be consumed this weekend. Hey, I'm no dummy.

Wish me luck...