Tuesday, October 27, 2009

City feet. Busy feet.

125th Train Station Platform - Don't make fun of my tights. They're so ugly, I love them.

Saint Nicholas Park

Greenwich Village <3

Meatpacking District - Pumpkin Patch

A very rainy Highline

Ran into this little guy near 5th Ave. I assume he spent all his money at Saks and couldn't afford a cab so was walking all the way back home to Washington Heights where he belongs. Ha.

Central Park West

Brooklyn Bridge

D(own). U(nder). the M(anhattan). B(ridge). O(verpass).

On the F with my luvah.

Amy's fire escape.

Amy's Harlem apartment.

Usually my feet are busy making holes in the carpet of my civic but I'm way more interesting in New York.