Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rock 'n' Brew @ the Hard Rock

Last Friday we took a little drive out to Fort Lauderdale to attend 93ROCK's fall beer festival.

Rock & roll (which I'm into thanks to guitar hero/rock band/boyfriend), beer sampling (which I'm definately not into but managed to find beer that tasted like apple juice and stuck with that one) & food tasting (Chef Creole! Yum!) - I like trying new things.

Rauls shirt - Not romo as in Tony Romo but romo as in RUM in Spanish! He got so much shit from people that misunderstood it as him representing "Tony Homo". Oof!

Rauls friend, Erik, wears cowboy boots. I think thats awesome.

Anyone know of any fall-ish events going on? I'm trying to soak up as much fall as possible despite the weather!

Disclaimer: This did not count as part of my sugar ban because it was a pre-paid event and bitch, please I had like 8 oz. of beer in a 3 hour time period and I did a lot of walking in 4 1/2 inch heels so F you.