Sunday, November 15, 2009

Celebrity Chef Series @ the Adrienne Arsht Center

Johnson & Wales (woop woop!) partnered with the Adrienne Arsht center and hosted the second season of the Celebrity Chef Series. Blah, blah, blah...I got to see Anthony Bourdain, bitches!

Trusty sidekick and I went to see him host a cook-off between Jacques Pépin and Eric Ripert (both vary, vary "famous" in the culinary world and you may recognize them from Top Chef). Because I'm a J&W alumni (woop woop!), we got to attend a complimentary cocktail hour prior to the show where I was hoping to sooth my lady pains (if you're grossed out by this, you're obviously much too young to be here and should probably gtfo now) with some free champagne but it didn't look I took my pain out on a huge, delicious blondie instead.

Back to the show. So fun. All three are characters especially Anthony Bourdain. He's hyper and jittery and I'm convinced he's on crack but him and his extremely tight pants are all kinds of awesome. I could've heard him talk all night. Eric Ripert and Jacques Pépin had a friendly battle/demonstration - there was no winner hence the friendly.

My favorite part was the interviews and the question/answer segment from the audience. One lady asked all three, "What's your favorite dish that your wife has ever cooked for you?" They all sat in confused silence. Their wives don't cook. Hell, neither would I. These are some bad ass mofos.

Sorry for the crappy quality. No pictures were allowed so I had to sneak some non-flash ones in there.

Thanks sidekick for accompanying me even though you had no idea who these bad ass mofos were.

Disclosure: Mrs. Boots does not in any way condone the use of crack cocaine.