Monday, November 30, 2009

My extra long holiday weekend

..Thanksgiving Table..

The best sweet potatoes I've ever had. Recipe here.

The best stuffing I've ever had. Peeling the chestnuts was totally worth it. Seriously, so good. Recipe here.

Did a lot of the above Saturday morning/afternoon and enjoyed the hell out of it. It was 55° out and I didn't have to turn on the a/c. I love when that happens!

Went to Village of Merrick Park Saturday night with Mr. Boots for some bad ass Italian food and a friends birthday celebration at Yardhouse - Walked around the mall admiring the Christmas displays and poinsettias and was actually cold despite wearing stockings and a (p)leather jacket. Miami looks prettier to me when the temperatures drop.

Helped the Pacetti's decorate their Christmas tree on Sunday...

& listened to Matty say his first words:
Light - "ight"
Tree - "tees"
& Wow..."wow"
SO CUTE & quite festive.

Tonight: gingerbread house building!

Hope you're enjoying the beginning of Christmas season.