Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Moon: I eat my words.

Good News:
We only had to wait an hour, had great seats and the girls kept the unnecessary screaming to a minimum.

Bad News:
Bella - Her acting makes me want to cringe and punch her in the ear simultaneously. I hate that she shows her "emotion" by breathing heavily. I want tears and I want them now. & the scene where she throws herself at Edward at the Volturi...ya know, when they first see each other after HE ALMOST KILLED HIMSELF and they just stare at each other for like 5 minutes. Can we get some passion? Geez. Their scenes together are so awkward. I don't believe for a second that these two "want to spend eternity together" & I blame Kristen Stewart. Physically, Bella. Emotionally, Deadpan. Get the fuck out of here.

Edward - I know he was barely in the movie but I was disappointed. His scenes were not memorable at all. Except of course when he took his shirt off. I said "ew" in my mind.

Jacob - The only reedemable factor in the movie. His humor and "normalness" were much appreciated...and so were his trap muscles.

Vampires - Again, horrible acting. & can we please do something with Jasper! Every scene he's in he's supposed to be intense but he just comes across nuts. I hate having the urge to laugh at a scene that's not supposed to be funny.

Werewolves - Loved the scene where Jacob saves Bella from them. My favorite part of the whole movie.

Overall - Yes, definately way better than Twilight and of course, I'd see it again but I'm still disappointed that the Bella/Edward love story was never really developed. She has waaaay more chemistry with Jacob in the movie and that kinda sorta pisses me off as I'm a huge fan of the books and while reading them I was NEVER rooting for Jacob.

Robert Pattinson > Taylor Lautner

/rant (& nerdiness).