Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Brunch

Hi, I'm Spanish. So, we celebrate Christmas Eve in a big way but Christmas, eh. It's honestly pretty boring now that I'm an old hag. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of it. I love everyones jolly mood, the "calmness" in the streets, the visions of sugarplums...BUT my Christmases usually consist of waking up really late, visiting family and eating leftovers. Nothing too exciting.

In my attempt to change that, I decided to have a little Christmas brunch and do the whole American thing because well, I'm quite stinkin' fond of American traditions. So, I woke up early and baked blueberry muffins, strata, cinnamon rolls and made peppermint hot chocolate and pomegranate punch.

The whole time I was cooking I was thinking about how sweet it would be if I were cooking for my family. My family family. Ya know, husband, kids, blah blah (I realize I am a walking contradiction as I am in a "I don't believe in marriage" phase. Just work with me people).

Since I don't have children, I invited Jaell & Roger over. Jaell is like my child as I often have to scold her when she misbehaves and Roger once gave me the cutest compliment I've ever received. He said I'd be a great mom and it kinda stuck with me because it came out of nowhere. & that they'd love me and that I'd buy them bubble gum flavored toothpaste. Ha! I would, I WOULD, dammit. Warmed my little heart. Oh, and they're also my friends. So yeah, I like to cook for my friends.

Anyhow, by 5pm I was in a crappy mood and bored out of my mind.

I hope my future children can handle my moods as well as my friends do.

Maybe I'll have to buy them the toothpaste that comes out in a star shape, as well.