Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On the 11th day

I'm lying. This wasn't on the eleventh day but it has to do with Christmas so hey, what the hell, let's pretend.

I went to dinner with Jaell on Friday and on the way to drop her off, I decided we should drive by this ridiculous house that puts up a shitload of lights on 117th Avenue. Yeah, THAT house. Apparently, you can roam around their lawn and check out their decorations. I had no idea and felt a little weird walking around someones house without formally introducing myself but Jaell convinced me that its perfectly normal.

It almost (but not really) looks tastefully done. Sadly, the closer you get, the worse it gets.

This is their garage. Jinkies.

& not only can you roam around their lawn, you can go INSIDE their house. SO weird. & would you look at this hot mess below! Click on the picture. DO IT.

Sorry, I thought it was tacky.

I'll stop being a Scrooge now.