Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the 4th day

Emma and I headed to Santas Enchanted Forest late Sunday afternoon. Hey, don't you judge us! We did it for the children (this place is known for being a tad hood).

It wasn't as bad as we expected. We expected
chongas and maybe guest appearances from DJ Laz and Lucy Lopez. Luckily, neither were in attendance but there were speakers blasting Sir Mix-a-lots, "I Like Big Butts". Hmm...

Matthew and his little buddy, Annabella. Look at those little teeth!

This was taken while in line for a fun house. The only way out of the funhouse was through a slide. I was a little nervous and by the looks of it, so was Matthew (l-o-l). But we braved the maze and wacky mirrors and headed towards the slide.

Yeah, maybe not such a great idea. It was not our most graceful moment. That little slide hauled ass! Children who cannot walk on their own should not be allowed. Stupid lady in charge of the ride. I almost severed my friends sons legs AND my pants were halfway down the crack of my ass!

I'm exaggerating a bit but no, really.

No carnival is complete without games

and your fattening food of choice!

Mine: Cinnamon roll the size of my face.

Sweet ending to a very long day.