Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I look at a restaurants dessert menu before anything else.

I like my scrambled eggs overcooked. If my eggs run, so will I.

I hold my breath for as long as possible when people around me sneeze. Sometimes I hold my breath when strangers walk by me.

My grocery checkout line up: anything heavy first, boxed/dry items, canned items, meats, produce then dairy. Bread & eggs are always last, of course.

I love all milk by-products but hate hate hate milk. I can't even stand to watch people drink it.

I only buy black pens.

I only buy purple toothbrushes. Not sure why. Although, I must admit, sometimes I come home with blue ones because my eyes deceive me. I don't like blue toothbrushes. Blue is for boys.

I'm scared of the dark and if I have to walk out of my bedroom in the dark I will 1. keep my eyes closed until I 2. turn on EVERY light switch I come across.

I have to sleep with the sheets over my left ear. I'm scared someone will tickle me or a witch will cackle in my ear.

When I drink alcohol, sometimes I don't swallow it right away. I hold it in my mouth until I can convince myself that I'm not going to vomit. Gross yet true. I never have to convince myself with champagne. Teehee.

I flip my pillow to the other, "fresh" side every night.

What are some of your quirks, ya bunch of freaks?