Monday, February 22, 2010

Meat Market

Around 5pm in the afternoon when I realized my Saturday night would very likely include going to the gym, eating a turkey and cheddar cheese sandwich and watching old Dexter episodes on the internet, I decided to take Angie and Emma up on their offer to have a little spontaneous night out which of course can only mean two things...dinner and drinks.

We referred to my holy grail - Yelp. After deciding Lincoln Road was where we wanted to go, we decided on Meat Market because of their ridiculously delicious sounding menu. First, let me just say out of all of the places in Miami, Lincoln Road is one of my favorites. It's a long strip near Miami Beach filled with both trendy restaurants and romantic cafes that all offer outside seating perfect for people-watching. The tourists, locals and transvestites give the place great energy. Yes, trannies. It is Miami Beach after all.

After a pretty long wait, we were finally seated outside. I wish I had taken pictures of the interior of the restaurant. It was funky yet sleek. Think white leather seats, chocolate brown booths and amber lighting. Sexy, swank and borderline pretentious yet not at all. Just like I like it.

Dinner consisted of crab and lobster cake with tomato butter and papaya salad, crispy crab tail with passionfruit, seabass with corn tomato concassé and truffles, tropical braised brisket with coconut, mango and sweet potato.

Holy tropical fruit, Batman. This place is good. GOOD good. I know that's a lot of seafood for a place called Meat Market but if they do seafood right then I can only imagine how good their signature steaks are.

Special thanks to Nigel and "Buster", the two Canadian guys who interrupted our girl time with incessant, incoherent yet entertaining talk of cabrons, Whoopi Goldberg, Orlando Bloom and Africa.