Monday, February 1, 2010

Park City

Skiing, oh skiing! I wanted to love it. I really did. & I was determined to be good at it but my chances were pretty much shot to shit the minute I put those horrible boots on.

Some of us decided to take lessons and during the lesson, I couldn't even concentrate on anything the instructor was saying. All I could think about was the excruciating pain my ankles and shins were in. I was really ready to tell her to stick her ski's and poles right up her ass when thankfully, (sorry but thankfully), I found out Mikey was in the same situation.

We were able to change our boots for more comfortable ones but by the time I got back out on the slope, I was already exhausted. However, I did try. Tried but did not succeed. I'd gain so much speed that the little "V" thing you do with your feet in order to stop wouldn't work and I'd just have to throw myself on the on my wrists. Not fun.

I was over it after my second round.

I'm willing to try snowboarding before I rule out winter sports altogether, though.

"I'm not a quitter."