Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You should be jealous

I've heard they're overrated. I've heard they're (GASP!)...ugly and only bought as gag gifts (no way!). I've heard "Don't buy them! You're helping make the douchebag inventor rich!".

You wanna know what else I heard?

I heard snuggies were on clearance at Target for $12. Mhm!

I was going to go for the pink one but the box containing this leopard print with the words "WILD SIDE" printed on it was pretty much screaming my name. Hell, I'm wild. I'm wearing a frickin' snuggie.

If you're not jealous of my awesome backwards robe then that can only mean that you own one - Which means you're one step closer to attending my snuggie only costume party.

Not really but how epic would that be?!