Friday, March 5, 2010

An afternoon in the East Village

[free knuckle sandwiches!]

Confession: My main goal on this trip was to get over my fear of getting lost in the subway. I find the entire train system really intimidating. Actually, I just hate not knowing where I'm going and the possibility of getting lost. This is not a NYC specific thing. I get nervous when I don't know where I'm going in Miami and that's in the comfort of my own car. Point is, I need to get over it so I told myself, "Self, you will go out of your comfort zone." That being the west side.

So after Sofrito reminded me that I wanted to check out De La Vega's gallery in the Village, I did a little research on what else I could do while there.

Turns out Crif Dog's is right across the street. Success.

I won't even tell you how long it took me to find this place. Let's just say I walked off that Good Morning hot dog (fried egg/cheese/bacon) before I even ate it and thank god I remembered I have an iPhone and can follow the little blue dot. Thank you, Mr. Jobs. "You saved my shoe, I mean, my life."

De La Vega himself was in his store/gallery wearing sunglasses, smoking a cigar and listening to Jerry Rivera. I said "Hi!". He ignored me. It was awesome.

The store is the size of my closet but it's filled with his thought-provoking, comical and racist artwork. Way more interesting than that sex museum.

Headed to Momofuku for their compost cookies and crack pie which I ate at Washington Square Park then thought, "Hm, this is boring" and got my ass back uptown.

Though I do think the east side is > west side.