Monday, March 22, 2010


I had a hectic, busy and fun weekend. Played a little kickball. Had a milkshake and cinnamon roll before 10am. Did some heavy lifting. Saw some witches sing. Ate so much red meat I thought about only eating greens this week (thought). Decided I could definately have BK croissanwiches for breakfast everyday of my life. Ate a monkeys tail. Wore sneakers two days in a row and got red pepper sauce on my favorite dress.

Anywhoz, picture above is of last weeks dinner. I'm not a fan of pork chops. In my attempt to well, become a fan, I decided to try this recipe with fennel, which i love. Nope, still not a fan of pork chops. But the fennel/tomato sauce was delicious which explains why there was a mountain of it on top of my little pig.

I hope spring is treating you and your city well!

[Check out real life pac man courtesy of Katie]