Thursday, March 4, 2010

This post is rated R for adult content

You were warned. I had a very politically incorrect Wednesday to say the least.

I was told the Museum of Sex was educational and entertaining. It's more like a gallery of sex. Or a gallery of perv. Not sure why I expected different or why I thought I wouldn't feel like a perv myself for even thinking of going (alone, I may add). But I once saw a guy whip out his "part" on Fifth Ave in front of children and families and proceed to piss on the street and I, along with others, saw way too much of him. So I guess when in Rome...

I'll just take it as another "experience."

& because I was on a roll, I met up with Amy in Chelsea and we attended the
Upright Citizens Brigade's showing of a Fag Life: A Conversation with Fred Phelps. HILARIOUS. It's a short skit performed by Brent Sullivan and his comical take on his own personal experiences with homosexual stereotypes. If you're not easily offended or insulted by crude humor, you should check it out.

We headed to Sofrito's afterward where the food was "meeeh" but the vibe was cool. De La Vega quotes everywhere and a live band playing everything from Mana (that song kills me in the best way) to Coldplay to Eagle Eye Cherry to Kings of Leon .


Perverted and all.