Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A trip to Key West is in order

While watching an episode of Dexter where he's trying to find the best key lime pie in Miami, I thought to myself, "Hel-looo, Blond Giraffe! Bring the old lady some Blond Giraffe!". Then, in true me fashion, I got a craving.

As an avid key lime pie, errr, eater, I've had plenty all over Florida and I'm willing to bet you Blond Giraffe is the best you'll ever have. ♫ Other pies ain't ever on it ♪

So you can imagine my dismay when I recently pulled up to the location near Sunset (and the only one north of Key West) with the intentions to devour and conquer and it was closed. Closed! Not for lunch or renovations like I desperately hoped but closed for good.

Why? Why, pie?! You weren't a fake, horrible green color. You had the perfect balance of tarty, limey goodness and sweet meringue. Where did we go wrong?!

Luckily, Blond Giraffe still has multiple locations in Key West.