Friday, April 30, 2010

"Red pubes! Ew!"

I went to see The Back-Up Plan last night. I have a love/hate relationship with romantic comedies. They're corny. Predictable. Unrealistic. Complete and utter bullshit. You know what I mean, the voice of reason (usually in the form of a BFF, dad or in this case, grandma) that comes at exactly the right time and the inevitable realization, "Hurry, I have to find him/her and tell him/her I'm in love with him/her before I lose him/her forever." and him/her is usually about to board a plane. Seriously? But sometimes the bullshit kinda gets to me (i.e. The Holiday, Jersey Girl, Wedding Planner, Clueless. Hey, Clueless has romance and comedy, wtf). The Back-Up Plan brought major LOL's. The birthing scene? Hilarious. I cried.

I've been summoned to jury duty. Anyone know how I can get out of this?

I'm working out again which of course means I'm starving and all I can think about is empanadas, fried snickers, pastelitos oozing with guayaba and Cozzoli's pizza. & that's just lunch. You should see what I'm fantasizing about for dinner. But I've lost 4lbs so I'm motivated. Tell me it's just water weight. I dare you. I'll eat you.

My weekend plans include beer, beach and belly fat burning.

See ya.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Your Groove I Do Deeply Dig

I get into these hardcore cleaning moods where I'll reorganize my entire closet or go through my cabinets throwing away old, unnecessary documents and lip glosses I know I'll never use. Last week, in one of my frenzies, I came across an old mix CD I made for my friend Emma's Vegas bachelorette party back in 2006. None of us had ever been and it was truly the funnest trip I've ever been on. The CD was filled with fun, upbeat songs and we'd play it every day as we were getting dressed for a night out.

After coming across the CD last week, I played it on my way to school and was reminded of all the laughs. How could you not have a blast when the soundtrack includes Groove Is In The Heart, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Sexy Back?

  • Dinner at SW inside the Wynn Hotel
  • Cirque Du Soleil's "O" show
  • Getting kicked out of Tryst because someone was way too drunk. & no it was not Madelyn.
  • Being serenaded in Italian during a gondola ride
  • Staying at the beautiful Venetian hotel. The entire hotel smells so good. I'm not kidding.
  • Bellagio's fountain
  • Walking the strip with all the crazies. Everyone is in party mode x10.
  • Room service at crazy hours of the morning.
  • Getting a lapdance by this huge black guy. Not really a highlight. In fact, really gross but funny (now). Guys in thongs = ew.
  • Paris Hilton's bodyguard trying to smack my camera out of my hand.
  • No sleep.
  • & Amanda. She's nuts. Enough said.
    So the question is...

    who's getting married next?!

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    We made it home but not before we crossed US1 for some late night pizza

    danny the downer stayed home and the old danny came out to play. we like the old danny better.

    sake bomb graveyard

    Our large group of friends got together Friday at Ra Sushi to give Joey high fives and pats on the back for completing part 1 of his CPA exam.

    Can you believe I'd never had sake, much less a sake bomb? I made up for lost time. The waitress kept them coming and I think we all had between 10-20 each. By 8pm, we were all happily inebriated. Such a good time.

    I can't wait until Joey takes part 2. Ha!

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    when we kiss, it's as if our lips agree that we were meant to be

    I received An Education from Netflix over a week ago and finally got around to seeing it this weekend.

    It's not a new favorite but it was charming and I find myself wishing I hadn't sealed it back up so I could watch it again.

    Put it in your queue!

    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Birthdays was the worst days; Now we sip champagne when we thirst-aayz

    So I had this silly little idea to have a mini picnic with my ladies to "celebrate" my blog "turning" a year old. Honestly, I think it's kinda lame to celebrate how long you've been blogging but my real reason behind the get together was to have a guilt-free excuse to annihilate some of my favorite cupcakes with some of my favorite people.

    I'm so glad we celebrated because it turned out to be one of those unexpected great nights. We got together around 6pm and since none of us had had dinner yet, well, let's just say the champagne "hit the spot". We downed the entire bottle in about 10 minutes. I was so proud.

    & the cupcakes were just appetizers so we headed over to Yardhouse for dinner and more drinks. Inhibitions were lost and we divulged some secrets. New York with these girls is going to be too much fun.

    So, yeah, thanks for reading my nonsense, Internets. I appreciate!

    Now go out and get yourself a red velvet cupcake and wash it down with some champagne because I swear the two go so well together!


    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Prostitution Whore!

    I love Real Housewives.

    Except for the boring OC chicks.

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Paella Valenciana

    I'm weird in general about seafood.

    Clams, mussels, oysters? No, no and no.

    Paella with just shrimp and chicken?


    Get it while it's hot.

    A couple of things:

    - I heart Drake's music. I want to marry it.
    - We spent half an hour in Sociology class discussing other words used for "vagina", including the professor going around the class and individually asking each of us what we called it at home. Seriously?! Awkward. I didn't sign up for this.
    - I may be going to Boston for my cousins wedding in October and I'm excited. I've never been.
    - Saffron is more expensive than I thought.
    - I haven't been able to sleep well all week. I'm exhausted and delirious.

    I'm going to catch some zZz's and I'm going to hold on for dear life.


    Monday, April 19, 2010

    Day In The Life - Weekday Edition

    5:30 am
    I imagine my alarm clock is exactly what death sounds like
    The hour long daily commute

    Statistics at this hour is brutal
    Gross brain food...and bacon, of course

    Macroeconomics. Good students sit in the back, right?
    Great thing about going to Culinary school - Classmates like to show off their skills. Chocolate Pot De Crème. I ate the whole thing.

    Miami = Traffic at random hours. Probably because of people taking pictures with their phones.

    1/4 chicken white with Emma

    Strolling the mall with Emma

    Bathing suit shopping. Neither passed the test.

    I like when strawberries are on sale. I don't like when they magically go bad the next day.

    Laundry day

    What resulted from bathing suit shopping

    Walking to Emma's house for our daily workout. Yup, we live that close.

    Sunset Calorie Burning

    Making up for the pot de crème

    It smells really good. Shutup.


    Bedtime stories

    Rinse & repeat. Fun, huh?

    Best Thing I Ever Ate: Lobsta

    I'd managed to subconciously stray from Food Network for a while now. Rachael Ray lost her spunk years ago & Giada De Laurentiis who was once my favorite, now annoys me with her over pronunciations and forced smiles (I do love her recipes).

    But one boring Sunday night (Isn't Sunday TV the worst?!) with nothing to watch I came across the show Best Thing I Ever Ate. I happened to catch their "served cold" episode and maybe it was a combination of how passionately they describe the food and how hungry I was at the time but I'd been craving a lobster roll ever since.

    When a friend told me Black Point Grill made a great lobster roll, I decided to give the restaurant a second chance.

    I usually just like lobster, never love. I think it's pretty boring but this was damn good. So were the not one, but two slices of chocolate mousse cake I had.
    Don't judge.

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    Why I Hate Miami - Part I



    Bragging about the fact that they "smoke a dutch" daily
    Calling their guy friends "nigga" and "dawg"
    10K gold from the flea market
    Long, curved acrylic nails
    Sticking up their middle fingers in pictures
    Giving shoutouts to their Baby Daddies on Power 96 and requesting that All My Life by KC & Jojo be played right after said shout out



    Counting to 4
    When you forget about your boyfriend and meet him at the hotel room
    Music Sampling
    Linen Suits
    "Da 305"



    Vodka & Cranberry
    Making out with each other but only when guys are watching
    Casual sex

    Douchebags who wear sunglasses at night

    Douchebags Likes:

    When Hanes tank tops are buy one, get one free
    Their membership at Porky's Gym
    Casual sex
    Fruit Punch flavored Creatine shakes

    Have a skank-free weekend! Dale!

    "Anyone who had a shitty Monday, please report to Rumors at 8pm sharp!"

    Mid-week happy hours make me, well, happy!

    Even when it turns out to be Confederate Flag Wednesday. & even if I only had a salad and a hard lemon water on the rocks.

    Us semi-colored folks stayed to our corner. Until Cotton Eyed Joe came on and we started punching things.

    I love Rumors.
    & friends who plan mid-week happy hours.