Monday, April 19, 2010

Best Thing I Ever Ate: Lobsta

I'd managed to subconciously stray from Food Network for a while now. Rachael Ray lost her spunk years ago & Giada De Laurentiis who was once my favorite, now annoys me with her over pronunciations and forced smiles (I do love her recipes).

But one boring Sunday night (Isn't Sunday TV the worst?!) with nothing to watch I came across the show Best Thing I Ever Ate. I happened to catch their "served cold" episode and maybe it was a combination of how passionately they describe the food and how hungry I was at the time but I'd been craving a lobster roll ever since.

When a friend told me Black Point Grill made a great lobster roll, I decided to give the restaurant a second chance.

I usually just like lobster, never love. I think it's pretty boring but this was damn good. So were the not one, but two slices of chocolate mousse cake I had.
Don't judge.