Sunday, April 11, 2010

♪ We all live in a Yellow Submarine ♫

above photo courtesy of @yellowtwiter

Madelyn, Emma and I ambushed Duy's car Friday night and we all headed to Kendall for a little late night "snack".

The bright, yellow truck adorned with red lights stood out in the usually empty shopping center as a beacon of hope. Hope that what we were about to eat would be worth compromising our earlier workout.

Yellow Submarine's menu ranges from a variety of sandwiches (appropriately named after Beatles and other classic rock songs), and their signature items, the Colombian style Yellow Burger and Yellow Dog.

Since everyone was ordering the Yellow Dog and I'm not big on sandwiches, I decided to go for the Yellow Burger. Both are topped with provolone cheese, their homemade secret sauce, crushed pineapples and potato chips.

The burger had tons of flavor and all the ingredients were really fresh but I had a bite of Madelyn's hot dog (no homo) and I enjoyed it more than the burger. In fact, I had dreams of the hot dog that night so that answers the question whether it was worth these love handles.

I love making an adventure out of scoping out these food trucks. The owners are always friendly and willing to answer all my (dumb ass) questions. We also got to meet a local celebrity, Burger Beast. He's a blogger that originally started reviewing burger joints around Miami and is now thinking of starting his own food truck.

Next stop: Gastropod!