Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When I was little...

I'd get really excited when those Scholastic order forms would go around in class. You know the one where you could order books and such.

My brother and I would create "obstacle courses" throughout the house which would include flying down the stairs with our pillows underneath us or bowling with my dolls/stuffed animals.

I was obsessed with anything Barbie. Barbie dominated my Christmas lists each year.

I was bitten in the cheek by a dog that resulted in a HUGE fear of dogs for years. YEARS.

I was a member of the Babysitters Club Books fan club.

My brother and I made cookies once and put ajax and dishwashing soap in them. We forgot to tell our parents. They tried them. They're alive.

Paula Abdul and Whitney Houston were my favs.

I shaved my legs and arms because I thought shaving meant the hair never grew back.

I loved dressing up but I also loved playing wallball and baseball with my brother and the neighborhood kids.

I sucked on the honeysuckles that would grow around my house in NJ.

My mom made all my dresses for every special occasion. They were over the top and itched like hell.

The Unsolved Mysteries song, Gremlins, toy clowns and bees scared the crap out of me.

My parents would take me and my brother to Dunkin Donuts every Saturday night. I always got a lemon filled doughnut.

Summer was my favorite season, cheese (any kind) was my favorite "food", Dirty Dancing was my favorite movie, orange was my favorite color and a Blimpies sub was my favorite meal.

I secretly loved getting a cold because that meant I could have some of that pink bubblegum flavored medicine.

My mom rocked a mullet and was always my Valentine.

This post came over from Kellie Jo at The Adventures of Rose Red. Check out her blog and play along in the "When I was little" series. She also has an Etsy shop full of awesome vintage clothing.