Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Your Groove I Do Deeply Dig

I get into these hardcore cleaning moods where I'll reorganize my entire closet or go through my cabinets throwing away old, unnecessary documents and lip glosses I know I'll never use. Last week, in one of my frenzies, I came across an old mix CD I made for my friend Emma's Vegas bachelorette party back in 2006. None of us had ever been and it was truly the funnest trip I've ever been on. The CD was filled with fun, upbeat songs and we'd play it every day as we were getting dressed for a night out.

After coming across the CD last week, I played it on my way to school and was reminded of all the laughs. How could you not have a blast when the soundtrack includes Groove Is In The Heart, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Sexy Back?

  • Dinner at SW inside the Wynn Hotel
  • Cirque Du Soleil's "O" show
  • Getting kicked out of Tryst because someone was way too drunk. & no it was not Madelyn.
  • Being serenaded in Italian during a gondola ride
  • Staying at the beautiful Venetian hotel. The entire hotel smells so good. I'm not kidding.
  • Bellagio's fountain
  • Walking the strip with all the crazies. Everyone is in party mode x10.
  • Room service at crazy hours of the morning.
  • Getting a lapdance by this huge black guy. Not really a highlight. In fact, really gross but funny (now). Guys in thongs = ew.
  • Paris Hilton's bodyguard trying to smack my camera out of my hand.
  • No sleep.
  • & Amanda. She's nuts. Enough said.
    So the question is...

    who's getting married next?!