Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bag Lady, you gon' hurt cho back

I'm not a purse girl. I'd rather spend my money on shoes (and even that department has been lacking lately). But last year, after running around Miami with a 5 yr old, bright coral colored Coach purse for far too long, I decided I needed an everyday black purse. After weeks of browsing I fell in love with this L.A.M.B bag. Boots bought it for me for our two year anniversary and I've been using it ever since.

(Excuse the shadows) & I've beaten the crap out of it. It's my bookbag, my pillow, a doorstopper and where I hide my CVS bought candy for when I go to the movies. As requested by Amy, here's my "What's In My Bag" post because she said people care about this stuff?

left corner going clockwise: Coach makeup bag, Urban Outfitters wallet, my "in case of emergency" tampon - I've saved many a girls lives with these badboys, ruler to spank people with...or for accounting class, battery, calculator, MAC studio fix to hide the ugly, headphones, a shitload of lip products hiding in my makeup bag. I had no idea I had so many and yes they all fit except for the rosebud lip balm, hair ties for when the naps get out of control

left corner going clockwise: my life, Canon - goes everywhere with me, why do I have so many pens?, Kanye's workout plan, random bill, Invisalign aka a $6K mistake, travel size Scope that has been in my purse since my last trip to NY, peppermint oil for migraines - rub it on your temples & it does wonders, Aleve for when the peppermint oil doesn't do wonders, Orbit's spearmint always, school name tag

Luckily, I didn't have the usual crazy amount of old receipts and gum wrappers in there. Sometimes I even have a pair of heels in my bag.

I heart big purses.