Tuesday, May 4, 2010


[mozzarella in carrozza]

[boots' - chicken buoniconti parmesan]

[mine - fettuccini alfredo lasorda]

I recommend you go very hungry.

When I first saw the prices at Randazzo's, I was a little shocked. Pasta dishes are around $20-$30. $24 for fettuccine alfredo and it doesn't even come with a protein? Oh, heeeell nah. But once you see the huge portions that can feed an entire Italian family, you "get it". Then you remember you're in Coral Gables and these people have to pay their Miracle Mile rent somehow and you really "get it".

Bread comes with a spicy, pepper dipping oil. Addicting. The fried mozzarella comes with the most banging marinara sauce I've ever had.

Chicken parmesan was a little too cheesy. I like it more sauce-eh.

Fettucine alfredo was ok. Not the best. Not the worst.

I was way too stuffed for their "Shutup and eat a connoli! It's 10,000 calories! So what! You ain't a model", as it reads on the menu.

Cute place. Really cozy. I'd go back just for the Sinatra they played all throughout dinner.

[On the corner of LeJeune & Miracle Mile.]