Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Juror #19 & the OTHER Brazilian hair treatment

So I had jury duty yesterday and was actually selected to be part of the jury out of 40 people. I didn't know whether to feel special or fucked. That question was answered later when I, along with 5 other jurors, put a man in jail. Yeah, TOTALLY FUCKED. Whether he's guilty or not, I feel horrible. Honestly, it was a really interesting experience but I don't like being responsible for "punishing" someone. I'll get over it.

Moving on, I got the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment over the weekend. I love it. I've been tired of my crazy, curly hair for years. Thinking of making this a permanent thing and going straight Japanese.

I'm reading EAT PRAY LOVE and I cried all throughout Italy. I think I'm finally becoming a girl after all these years. I swear, I cry at the dumbest things these days.

It's officially summer which means absolutely nothing to us Miamians except less traffic in the mornings and cheaper berries from the supermarket.

Off to dinner!