Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let's talk Sex and the City 2 - Spoiler Alert

Let's talk about how I hated it. And I can say that because I'm a huge fan of the show and first movie. Here are some bullet points cause organization makes me giddy.
  • Abu Dhabi? Why?? No, really, why. What was the point. I found myself asking "what was the point" after tons of things. The wedding, Aidan, Smith. Their stories all seemed choppy and thrown together.
  • The entire wedding scene was so awkward. Carrie not wanting to be known as Carrie Preston after being after Big for 10 years? Bullshit. & why did Anthony have to mention that he's "allowed to cheat" at the wedding. Save it for a lunch conversation after the honeymoon at least, geez.
  • What was up with Carrie being a huge, bratty bitch to everyone?
  • When did everyone become so obscenely, filthy rich?
  • When did the storyline and the development of their friendship take a backseat to fashion?
  • Why is Samantha a bigger whore than before? When she left Smith in the previous movie, she seemed to be tired of that lifestyle.
  • One of the last scenes with the women of Abu Dhabi wearing Dior and Chanel...WTF WAS THAT.
  • The karaoke scene and choice of song. Corny.
  • I didn't think Samantha's scene at the end when she's dry humping the air and screaming "YES, I HAVE CONDOMS! I FUCK!" was funny at all. I thought it was obnoxious and embarrassing.

Overall sucked badly except for Liza Minelli, Charlotte crying in the pantry and all of Miranda. Loved her.

Picture taken during the SATC tour which did not suck and I recommend to any fan.