Thursday, June 24, 2010

StrawBarb Pie

I'd never had rhubarb before. Crazy talk. I love tart and tangy.

So I loaded up on strawberries and frozen rhubarb (supermarket didn't have any fresh 'barb - poo) and made some dough because the best way to try something new is to throw it in a pie?

An hour later I had a runny yet delicious pie that tasted just like summer.

To make a non-runny pie, go to Smitten Kitchen where today (figures) she posted a recipe for perfect Strawberry Rhubarb pie.

Pros of living alone: I ate the whole pie.
Cons of living alone: I ate the whole pie.

This is why I don't bake more often in case you were wondering.

Photo courtesy of Smitten Kitchen because my camera didn't do the pie justice. My birthday is in two months. Holler.