Thursday, June 10, 2010

Table For One

My last full day in NYC, I woke up early and seriously considered catching up on sleep and watching Bravo all day but I knew I'd regret spending it listening to Patty yell at gold diggers and millionaires. So I got my lazy butt up and on the 6 to track down the Wafels & Dinges truck.

I ordered the brussels wafel with bananas and "a lot of nutella, please", ducked into a little cafe on Lexington, ordered a slice of pizza and had a perfect solo lunch date.

After lunch, I roamed around the Flatiron District and stepped into Madeleine Patisserie where I picked up rose, passionfruit and caramel fleur de sel macarons.

Then went to Beekman Theatre in the UES where I saw a late afternoon showing of City Island and my macarons proved to be great company.

The weather was beautiful and it turned out to be a perfect day. Sometimes, I need a break from people and I really take comfort in knowing I can entertain the hell out of myself, by myself.