Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mr. Yum

Volcano Roll
left: Shrimp Shumai right: Wahoo w/ Ponzu Sauce
left: Tony Roll right: Ño Roll

left: thai donuts w/condensed milk right: twinkie tempura

I spotted this place late one night after eating at Mi Rinconcito Mexicano and I couldn't help but think, "Damn, maybe we should've eaten there!". Not only because Pacquito's in Aventura still has my heart when it comes to Mexican food, but because Mr. Yum's was crazy packed. I was still skeptical because of the cheesy name and location but decided to "put it on my list" anyway.

The decor was not what I expected at all. It's very, well, white. Feels like a tiny boutique restaurant. Luckily, I went right before the dinner rush and was seated right away. The menu is large, unique and takes inspiration from their Little Havana location including things like their ño roll which has sweet plantains and mango sauce and after indulging in their thai donuts, you can top it off with a cuban cortadito. That's all kinds of awesome.

I always ask myself one question when I'm done with a meal. Would I go back? Sometimes, even though a meal is good, I wouldn't bother returning because it wasn't anything special. This place is something special. Everything I had was really freaking good and I can't wait to try their lobster roll, which seems to be the star on their menu.

I suggest going before 8pm or you may have a different experience.