Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bolted to Washington, DC for the weekend

[I think the White House needs to be renovated]

[In front of the Department of Treasury]

[Washington Monument]

[After the 8th attempt of trying to get my short arms to reach, I began to grunt]

[National Mall]

[Lincoln Memorial]

[Georgetown I]

[Georgetown II]

[Georgetown III]

[Dinner @ Top Chef contestant, Spike Mendolsohns' Good Stuff Eatery. Strawberry shake - Just as good as Johnny Rockets. Win. Prez Obama Burger - Roquefort cheese almost made me vom. Never again, roquefort. Never again.]

[The Capitol]

In high school, I passed American History with a solid D. So with all due respect to my founding fathers and fallen soldiers, I have very little interest in touring any monument or memorial. So when Joel, Amy's brother (& main reason we went to DC), said he just wanted to drive by and take a picture or two, I thought "Sweet!". A drive-by tour was my idea of a perfect plan.

Well, friends and foes, I was bamboozled. This mofo had me walking around said memorials and monuments for 5 hours. Not pictured is the Arlington National Cemetery where I chose to sit out on the narrated tour and tan instead.
God bless America.

After the torture, we piled into our ZipCar and headed to Georgetown. It was my only request aside of choosing where we'd eat (I will never steer you wrong). Georgetown is so charming. Although my legs were killing me, I could have wandered around looking at all the adorable houses and shops for a while but we only had time for a quick cupcake run.

After dinner at Good Stuff Eatery, we walked around The Capitol. It's stunningly lit up at night and oddly serene.

Longest day of my life but my usual insomniatic (is that a real word?) behind slept like a baby that night.