Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jefe's Original Fish Taco & Burgers

left: beer battered fish taco w/cabbage, pico de gallo and crema
right: two roasted pork tacos w/onions, cilantro and salsa verde

double-double burger

Hm, so I know I said this is not a blog solely based on restaurant reviews and I stand by that but apart from the beach and nightclubs, there's not much else to do in Miami. Laying out under the Florida sun is no joke & I am in no way a "clubber" (once a year is more than enough for me).

But a girls gotta eat...

Oh, yes, a girls gotta eat.

& I'm loving that Miami now has tons of awesome food trucks cruising the streets willing to feed me. I think Miami is trying to con me into staying here. Nice try but until you've got a gay dude serving bacon ice cream sandwiches, consider me gone!

Anywho, went to Jefe's last night for some tacos. I had a fish and pork taco. I was partial to the pork maybe because I have an intense love for anything smothered in tomatillo sauce.
Seriously HEART tomatillos.

Had a few bites of the burger. It kinda reminded me of a Big Mac except that it had caramelized onions and the beef was definitely fresher (or maybe I should just say fresh). Not that the comparison is a bad thing anyway. I happen to think Big Macs are fast food burger perfection. So much so that I even capitalized "Big Mac".

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